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This is a mix that has been sitting partially finished in my gmail drafts folder for a while. I figured this week would be a good time to finally finish it.

The mix centers around the biblical Lilith (not the character from Supernatural) and her relationships with Adam and Samael. The text is a fic I wrote a while back for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon. I never re-posted beyond the comments there, but it was the inspiration for this mix.

Evening on the Ground (Lilith's Song) - Iron & Wine
you will never make me learn to lay beneath the mountain

Here's the story, the way it's always been told:

Adam has one wife, only one wife, borne from his rib, created in a garden of life, love, and perfection.

She thinks it might be better that way. No one likes to hear about the first failed attempt.

Volcano - Damien Rice
you give me miles and miles of mountains and i'll ask for the sea

Lilith was created from the soil, from clay, from the very breath of the earth.

She is Adam's equal. She belongs to no one. And she will lie down for no man.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust," she whispers as she leaves the Garden behind.

Blinding - Florence + the Machine
no more cawing like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden

His name is Samael; he follows her for miles under the hot, burning sun.

"Someone betrayed me, too," he says, running a finger across her knuckles; she shivers. "We will be great together, you and I."

She pulls her hand back and walks off alone towards the empty horizon. She needs no man to be great.


According to the story, man and woman cannot eat of the tree of knowledge or else they will surely die.

Lilith laughs at the blatant sexual metaphors, the poor attempts to keep young, naive Eve in check.

Because Adam knew. He always knew.

Wading in Deeper - Katzenjammer
the ties to her arms and her legs pull her down

Samael finds her at the edge of the world, dipping her feet into the ocean.

"He replaced you," he whispers, a damning breath against her ear.

Lilith isn't sure which He is being referred to. She doesn't think it matters.


The ground is littered with apples; a serpent winds his way around The Tree, eyes gleaming as Adam presses his lips to the fruit held in Eve's waiting hands.

Eve becomes the temptress. Samael laughs.

Lilith watches the entire scene unfold with wide and wild eyes.

Winter Bones - Stars
winter lives in my bones, it's all i've ever known

In the end, the story remains the same:

Eve betrays Adam. Woman betrays man.

Lilith betrays everyone but herself.


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