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the honey and the killer bees
or: a love letter to lilly kane

I've got a secret - a good one.

Living Backwards - Aereogramme
I'm dead in the water
A silhouette turning over
I'll wait for you here

Between the Bars - Elliot Smith
The people you've been before
That you don't want around anymore
That push and shove and won't bend to your will
I'll keep them still

Jezebel - Iron and Wine
Who's seen Jezebel?
She was born to be the woman we could blame
Make me a beast half as brave and be the same

Hello, America. You wanted Lilly - you got her.
Now sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Ocean - The Bravery
I carry your image always in my head
Folded and yellowed and torn at the edge
And I've looked upon it for so many years
Slowly I'm losing your face

Deja Vu - Something for Kate
Well she calculates coincidence and circumstance and turbulence
Gotta see what it is and it's everything
And it's endless

Taxi Ride - Tori Amos
Lily is dancing on the table
We've all been pushed too far today
Even a glamorous bitch can be in need
This is where you know the honey from the killer bees

Clue in, Donut. It doesn't add up. You know
that deep down inside. I wish you'd just admit it
to yourself. Break out of your stupor. Wake up.

The Bitter End - Placebo
You shower me with lullabies
As you're walking away
Reminds me that it's killing time
On this fateful day

Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking - Snow Patrol
I've got this feeling that there's something that I missed
Don't you breathe, don't you breathe
Something happened that I never understood
You can't leave, you can't leave

The Pretender - Foo Fighters
I'm what's left, I'm what's right
I'm the enemy
I'm the hand that will take you down
Bring you to your knees

Don't forget about me, Veronica.

Driveway - Great Northern
And you're staring at the ceiling
And where we're from
Remember when you wake up
Don't forget turn out the light
Cause I'm looking out my window for you every night

You love me, don't you?


* "Living Backwards" and "Deja Vu" have been forever associated with Veronica Mars for me since
I saw these two absolutely brilliant fanvids. Watch and be amazed.
* Created for [livejournal.com profile] faith47 for her winning bid at [livejournal.com profile] help_nz

Date: 2011-04-04 10:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] faith47.livejournal.com
HOORAY! I've got goosebumps just looking at the artwork for it. Downloading now. Thank you thank you thank you! (=

Date: 2011-04-04 10:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] maerhysetc.livejournal.com
This is heartbreaking and AWESOME. *downloads quickly*

Date: 2011-04-04 11:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] centerspire.livejournal.com

I just started rewatching Season 1 last night.

Are you psychic?

Date: 2011-04-05 08:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] faith47.livejournal.com
just wanted to post another comment now that i've listened -- i love it! i've been listening to it on loop pretty much all day. (= thanks again!

Date: 2011-04-06 10:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wishtheworst.livejournal.com
This looks really great and the artwork is gorgeous. Thank you!

Date: 2011-04-07 09:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] puchuupoet.livejournal.com
Oooh, this looks amazing! Snagging, thanks :D

Date: 2011-04-09 06:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heartstrike.livejournal.com

The art is so, so pretty - perfect for Lilly. Love it love it love it! Your song/lyric choices are wonderful and right and they make my heart hurt.

This mix is SO FABULOUS. LILLY KANE. AWESOMENESS ALL AROUND. Also, yay! I'm glad we're friends now :D

*is inspired* *toddles off to work on VM mix*

Date: 2011-04-10 02:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] obeetaybee.livejournal.com
awesome mix! totally snagging.


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