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10. What's your favorite new Fall 2013 TV show? (If fic exists, share your favorites!

I don't really have one? The only new show I was watching was Agents of SHIELD, but that, sadly, did not hold my attention. I hear that it's been getting much better as the season goes on, so I will probably give it another shot. I would like to also go back and start watching Sleepy Hollow. And I absolutely cannot wait for Girl Meets World to start.
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9. Who is your favorite villain?

If you know me at all, you will not at all be surprised that my answer is Ruby from Supernatural. I could write thousands of words of meta on that character, and still have more to say. The thing that I love about her is that, as demons go in the Supernatural universe, Ruby was not particularly powerful. Even the low-level demons were able to toss the Winchesters into walls, but the only time we get even a glimpse of that sort of power is when she closes the doors on Dean in "Lucifer Rising." Did she have that power all along? I don't think so. I think that Ruby was a demon pretty low on the totem pole, so when Lilith said "I have a job for you," she went willingly and without question. She manipulates the Winchesters so beautifully, twists Sam around her finger with one simple sentence: I can help save your brother.

Ruby knew exactly what she was doing, but her power was all in her words. And that is why she's my favorite villain.
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Post a song that makes you want to write. (Or gets you in the mood to read All Of The Fanfic.)

Just one? I could probably make a list of twenty. But the first one that comes to mind is St. Lawrence River by David Usher. It's the song that my fic My Own Destroyer is named for, and I listened to it A LOT when I was editing that fic. It's still the number one listened to song in my last.fm account, and every time I hear it, all I want to do is write.

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So, it took all of three days for me to fail at NaBloPoMo. Color me unsurprised >_<

But I am making up for it now :) )
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When did you create your LJ, and what brought you here? How did you get your username? Has it changed?

I created my LJ on May 26, 2003. Everyone was migrating over here from the Portkey forums (*waves to everyone who I've been friends with since then, hiiiii*), and it took a few weeks to get an invite code, but I got one. It was right before I graduated high school. And that makes me feel old, because WHOA.

I got my username after searching baby names website for names that meant "moon." I found Jacy, and really liked it, but the name was already taken. So I tacked on Evans at the end, as in Lily Evans from Harry Potter. I've considered changing it on multiple occasions, but I've been jacyevans for so long that it would just be weird to me. It bothers me that my tumblr username is different, but someone already registered under jacyevans. And they aren't me. And the blog is empty -_-


Nov. 1st, 2013 11:57 pm
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So *waves* Hello. It's been a while since I posted here, and [livejournal.com profile] dream_mancer has convinced me that the way to rectify that is to do NaBloPoMo with her this month.

We'll see how well this actually works out.

Today's topic: It's Friday and you have better things to do than post a blog entry. Just share something that makes you laugh.

(Except I don't have better things to do than post a blog entry? I should probably be writing - I am unofficially doing NaNoWriMo, but we'll see how THAT works out.)

This made me laugh today. Restaurant workers being sassy, I love it.

OH, I CAN TELL YOU SOMETHINGS THAT MAKES ME HAPPY. I AM SEEING [livejournal.com profile] dream_mancer IN 5 DAYS. WE HAVE NOT SEEN EACH OTHER IN TWO YEARS, GUYS, THIS IS FAR TOO LONG FOR BRAIN TWINS TO BE APART. Why do we live so far apart, I do not understand.

If any of ya'll are on tumblr, feel free to follow me - seaboundandaimless. I post a mix of pretty much every fandom I have ever been in, plus other random things. Come hang out.

I am truly sorry for the rambling content of this post, friends.


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